Top 10 Players


Rock the Roundabout New Years Eve with the Quizmaster…solely sponsored by Loomis Offers and Loomis

Since Tim has already won before…Bobbers is awarded the Tim Hortons Gift Card!!

Since Tim has already won the next person who hasent won adn has the highest total…is Bshoe…he wins the Tim Hortons gift Card!!

The quiz will resume nesxt week on Tuesday August 27th.

No Quiz this week…the Quizmaster is at the Fair all week…we will resuem next week!!

Since Mike has won and finished in 1st place and TimTax finsihed 2nd and has won…Bshoe wins the Tim Hortons Gift card…

since Tim and Mike who have already won the Tim Hortons gift card Craig Mack has the next highest points…he wins this week!~!

Dennis George takes the main stage on the 4th of July @ 6pm…be part of the fun at the Bufalo Harbor special event!!!

Congrats Timm…winner of the Tim Hortons Gift Card

Mike wins the 5 week trivia event…a tim hortons gift card!!