Meet the Dennis George Crew

Dennis George: Game show host guru and trivia quizmaster. Dennis has been hosting game shows for ten years, and many more with family and friends. His love for trivia is evident during all of his performances. Dennis has been blessed with the gift of total recall, for he uses no cards or monitors during any of his performances. People are amazed at how he can cater his show to any age without the use of cue cards. He is a very energetic person and it radiates throughout his audience, everyone gets involved. Dennis is married to his lovely wife Sue who is also his assistant during the show. He has three children and four  grandsons and a granddaughter on the way (January 2011). His family is very supportive of him, and he is always quizzing his entire family to help him stay sharp for upcoming shows. Dennis loves entertaining and loves putting  smiles on audience members faces.
Suevanna: The lovely  SueVanna, has been Dennis’ assistant for as long as the show started. Sue is fun, and the audience loves her because she is a crowd pleaser. Sue is always encouraging contestants by applauding and giving them moral support during the game show. She is exactly what you would expect from a game show assistant. She and Dennis work extremely well together. Sue knows Dennis’s moves,and as she would say “that isn’t so easy because is so energetic and he is always ad-libbing”. She is always right on cue and always looking lovely. Both she and Dennis were childhood sweethearts and have been married for thirty three years, and again with the happy family as mentioned above. Dennis has said many times “I could never perform without Sue, she is the second of the third part of a very important team.
Mr. Music (Doug): The third part of the team is the specialized sound technician Mr. Music. Known as Doug to the behind the scenes team, he is such a vital important part of the technical portion of the show. Doug is Sue’s brother and this really makes this show a real family oriented extravaganza. Doug is an unbelievable sound technician, he is right on cue with his music and sound effects which are so important to the enhancement of the show. Doug has also been working the shows since the beginning. Doug is married to his lovely wife Kim and they have a daughter Rachel. The descriptive name of”Mr. Music” is very fitting for Doug.

Family-Smiles-High Energy

These three words are the main reasons why Dennis and his crew love performing. They all take pride in a family wholesome entertainment show. The show is fun and the audience has fun, and The Dennis George Crew enjoys this aspect of the show. Finally high-energy, from start to finish the show is fast paced and you just never know what will happen. One thing is certain everyone will be totally entertained and will want to see more shows and pass the message along to family and friends.