The Dennis George Quizmaster Game Show can help make your upcoming event unforgettable with a trivia-style show like no other. Dennis “The Quizmaster” George and his traveling game show is a uniquely different entertainment experience that involves the entire audience in a frenzied game show atmosphere. Everyone present is invited to participate with the promise of winning prizes and experiencing a game show like you’ve never seen before.

An apt description for Dennis is the Quizmaster, for he has performed at many events and functions in Buffalo and Western NY. He is known as the Quizmaster because he quizzes his audiences on literally hundreds of fun topics.

With a photographic memory, Dennis uses his incredible wealth of knowledge to stump even the coolest contestants. Better yet, he can incorporate details about your event or company right into the show to personalize the event especially for you.

Show Description:

The game show brings out the competitor in everyone, but with Dennis the sponsor/house is the biggest winner. Within the format of the game show Dennis will incorporate the corporate sponsor’s or house unique identity / fun-facts into his own show. So the audience not only partakes in a game, but can be a participant in a well concieved promotional experience as well. This is accomplished with the cooperation of the sponsor / house and the creativity of Dennis.

To accomplish this task Dennis becomes a high energy one of a kind quiz show host taking on a unique persona resembling past game show hosts of many different decades, styles and wardrobes. He will take on the personality of a used car salesman, a nutty professor, or the show can sport a Hawaiian dressed theme or even feature Dennis in a Tuxedo for a black tie affair. He spends the first half of his show walking through the audience, quizzing them individually to identify willing participants and bringing a new found life into the audience. Teams are then created and brought up on stage and the fun begins all over again. A large game board is displayed as teams race to answer questions and light up their scoring markers on the board.

The two teams compete in a game show atmosphere complete with a full size game board, sound effects, applause sign, Sue – (Dennis’s lovely assistant) and lots of spirited competition for prizes.

The audience is not only a spectator in the Dennis George Quizmaster Game Show… it’s a participant. Audience members are encouraged by Dennis to choose a team they want to cheer on to win; then participate by enthusiastically vocalizing the correct answers (if they know them) to their favorite team and the wrong answers to confuse their teams opponents.

The Dennis George Original Variety Show can be customized for any special event, including:

  • Conventions
  • Corporate Events & Trainings
  • School Assemblies
  • Fundraisers
  • Retirement Parties or Reunions
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays & Bar Mitzvahs

This Quizmaster Game Show is an edge-of-your-seat event, complete with buzzers, whistles, music, score board, and prizes. Audience members find the trivia addicting and Dennis’ enthusiasm contagious.

The Dennis George Quizmaster Game Show features Trivial Sounds, a state-of-the-art sound system with hits from the 1940s to the present.

Trivial Sounds can complement your trivia show event or be used alone to create the ultimate dance party experience. Trivia Experience/Dance party — it’s your call. The Dennis George Quizmaster Game Show can accommodate any combination to make your event a success.

You may have seen or heard Dennis perform at:

  • Riviera Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
  • First Night Buffalo
  • Taste of Buffalo
  • Infinity Broadcasting Singles Mingles
  • Master Guru Harbor Town Games
  • Coca Cola Bottling Company
  • WBEN Radio
  • WKBW Television
  • WGR Radio

Dennis’s promise:

With Dennis this is no false advertising; he delivers. His energy is contagious, his delivery is humorous and his ability to bring out the best in everyone is uncanny. He consistently amazes with a wealth of knowledge without the use of cue cards. It’s a great time to be had by all. The show promises an entertaining, memorable experience for everyone in the house. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a success of your next promotion by calling one of today’s most unique and talented entertainers… Dennis “The Quizmaster” George.


Thank you for participating in First Night Buffalo 2004 – spotlighting Buffalo’s Best. As a Buffalo area resident, you are truly one of Buffalo’s best.  You captivated the audience with your unique show and kept the audience laughing the entire time. I have only positive things to say about your performance.

April Davis, Independent Health Foundation

Every one of your shows that I have seen or been a part of, the audience, no matter what their ages, always has a great time. Your energy level is unsurpassed and your audience feeds off your enthusiasm. I would recommend any group looking for a fun, unique, entertaining time to have you host their gathering.

Bob Hartz, Harbor Town Games Inc.

There is no end to this man’s energy and just trying to keep up with not only his mind, but his movements too, is challenging, but fun to do. We highly recommend Mr. Lalka for your special event and although there are almost no guarantees in life, we guarantee you will have one of the most enjoyable events of your life when Mr. Lalka entertains you.

Ron Golombek, Highland Hose Vol. Fire Co.