Top 10 Players


Wyatt nips Chi Chi in quiz game!!!…Since every one has won a prize the tenth place finisher wins the gift card!!

Quizmaster appears on WNLO Channel 23’s Winging It Show!!!

Congratulations to Timtax…he wins the four week competition…sicne he has won before and family members cannot win the Tim Hortons gift card…bshoe is the winner..congratulations!!!

Congrats jskronski

Congrats Wyatt!!

Since Drmac has won previously and also won a prize as well as other contestants in the top ten…bobbers wins the Tim Hortons Gift Cert. Remember relatives of Dennis George can play the quizzes but are not elegible wot win prizes!!

Since Chi Chi..Wyatt…..DrMac..and Memory have been past winners…Craigmack wins the the Tim Hortons Gift card!!!